Malaria Vaccine Trials

What is it?

Two to three million people die each year from malaria infection and to date there is no effective vaccine. Researchers at the University of Oxford have developed several new malaria vaccines and have been conducting clinical trials of these vaccines since 1999. New vaccine strategies are being developed all the time.

Where will I be?


What will I do?

Each time a new study is planned we have to get ethical approval from the Oxford Research Ethics Committee and the vaccines receive a license from the Medicines Control Agency. If you are interested in possibly taking part in one of our studies then we will send you out an information sheet giving you full details of what the current or next study involves. If we are currently not recruiting for a study then we will simply ask your permission to keep your name on record so that we can contact you in the future.


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What is it?

Healthy adults, ages 18–50, are needed to participate in the study of an investigational Ebola Vaccine. Financial compensation is provided. The study will evaluate the safety of the vaccine and see if it generates an immune response.

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Contributed by Cheri Dijameo